In October 2018, we launched GUD 4—the fourth version of EF's brand identity guidelines. GUD 4 is all about our identity model; the shared DNA of the EF family. By following simple design guidelines, all of our distinct products can appear related at a glance.


2018 - 2019


EF, Lucerne 🇨🇭


UX Design Lead

Two new touchpoints

As part of GUD 4 we launched two new touchpoints; ef.design and gud.ef.design.

ef.design is our creative home where we showcase the best creative work produced within the organisation.

gud.ef.design is our internal design hub, where you can always find the latest assets and design updated (you need an @ef.com email to access the site).

Core vs Expression

In the previous version of GUD the EF products were locked into a narrow set of defined rules with little room to express their uniqueness. With 15+ different business units operating under the EF brand, we needed a flexible system. The identity model of GUD 4 is rather simple; Core vs Cxpression.

The Core is everything that feels distinguishing EF such as Typography, corporate colors.

Expression is everything the specific product add to the Core EF brand, unique to their target audience.

Besides the Core, we have developed a set of optional expressive tools the various creative teams can use.

Team 🙏🏼

  • Joel Hladecek
    Chief Creative Officer
  • Marcus Ivarsson
    Executive Creative Director
  • Andy Cooke
    Creative Director
  • Filippa Keerberg
    UX Designer
  • Miriam Olszewski
  • Ottor Boreson
    Art Director
  • Daniel Lawrence
    Frontend Developer
  • Marcin Krawczyk
    Frontend Developer
  • Joao Matos
    Frontend Developer